Amakura Cloud children will be unveiled Katrili Tang Jie fashion conference site

December 22, 2013, Caterina Tang Jie 2014 spring and summer fashion conference in Guangzhou TU convex space gorgeous, gaming host Tian Cao Yun Er will be presented at the scene, and from China Textile Industry Federation, China Many leaders of the Fashion Designers Association, China Fashion E-commerce leader "Buyer Huan" and other guests to open a trip to the unique fashion charm of the East.


Tiancaoyunzi Chen Lingyun, now studying at Communication University of China broadcast hosting professional, is well-known StarCraft 2 beauty players, gaming solution, the show host. She has been hosting the e-sports in "plu Network Media" since 2010, explaining the major gaming events in the world and having a large number of fans. Recently, she and Nv team player Comm join forces to participate in the MSC2L 2V2 competition and eventually won the championship.

As a new generation of e-sports moderator, Amakura Yun Er not only has a passion for e-sports, obsession with the traditional Chinese clothing culture. On the day of the conference, she will be dressed in a delicate gown of Caterie Tang Jie, adding a touch of glamor to this forthcoming gorgeous press conference.


Want to know more about the Cathay Group apparel message? Please pay attention to Catherine Tang Jie (@ Tang Jie costumes), buyers Huan (@ buyers Huan) and other official microblogging update, we always pass fresh hot news for you!

Carter Li (China) Group Profile

Cathay (China) Group Co., Ltd. under the French Cathay Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a design, production and sales as one of the specialized fashion brand companies. The three core brands of the Caterpillar Group (China) - "Caterie", "Tang Jie" and "Caxisun", after a drastic innovation and adjustment, the brand's cultural concept, design style and terminal The overall image, there will be a leapfrog change. It not only combines the traditional cultural features of 5,000 years of the Chinese nation, but also permeates the urban upstart style with exquisite European style and simple atmosphere.

Today, the Cathay (China) Group has formed a basic, solid and systematic marketing channel in many cities in southern China and gradually established a complete operating system model based on the brand's 5I system. Currently in all parts of the country have more than 300 brand stores, outlets, franchise stores, distributors are distributed in the major high-quality department stores inside. At the same time, we have also gradually formed a unique core competitiveness of the management and marketing system model.

Cathay (China) Group's e-commerce business: Guangzhou buyers Huanghua Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a major investment by Cathay (China) Group Co., Ltd., the same time, by the French Cathay Group Co., Company, the French Tianhui Ming Code Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tianhui Ming Code Clothing Co., Ltd., Guangzhou buyers Huan Network Technology Co., Ltd. and a number of other companies jointly invest in the establishment of the network of e-commerce operators brand enterprises, and the huge amount of money to set up operations "Buyer Huan" shopping network, "buyer Huan" distribution network platform, in the field of e-commerce to establish a good brand. Not only in China Beauty Network , the Chinese apparel network, the Chinese brand apparel network, the Chinese fashion brand network, the Chinese women's clothing brand display, but also in Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong and other sites with online brand monopoly products.

Integrity, innovation, service, win-win! Caterpillar (China) Group Co., Ltd. has always uphold the spirit of enterprise culture. In the company's staff continue to forge ahead, it is bound to a whole new look, and market harmony and win-win situation.

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