Appreciating the characteristics of jade sculpture

Appreciating the characteristics of jade sculpture Engraving is the general name for the three creation methods of carving, carving, and plastic. Refers to the use of a variety of plastic materials (such as plaster, resin, clay, etc.) or engraveable, engraveable hard materials (such as wood, stone, metal, jade blocks, agate, etc.) to create a space with visible, Touching the artistic image, to reflect the social life, the art of expressing the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic feelings, aesthetic ideals.

The fascinating part of the jade jewelry of Wenrunmeid lies in its sculpture, showing the auspicious meaning of the Chinese imagery. The traditional Chinese jade carving art has roughly three characteristics.

First, figurative theme, abstract application. The main themes in the auspicious designs are taken directly or indirectly from animals and plants, utensils, utensils, and jade commonly found in nature and civilian life. These figurative things, auspicious patterns are not limited by the specific image in the modeling, often obey the visual pleasure, and break through the ordinary cage, reflecting the abstract form of artistic beauty.

Second, complicated changes, disorderly order. The complexity of traditional patterns is different from modern art. However, the complexity of traditional auspicious patterns is different from that of modern applied art patterns. However, the complexity of traditional auspicious patterns is not a simple list, but a simple repetition. Pay more attention to reflect the rhythm and rhythm in the multitude and complexity, which has increased the level and connotation of the auspicious patterns, but from the point of view of decorative applications, its requirements for processing technology are obviously more demanding.

Third, symmetry and equilibrium are the dominant techniques of composition. Auspicious patterns often have a centerline. This form of composition is called symmetrical and balanced composition.

Jade carving is a handicraft industry with a long history. During the long historical process, mankind's impulse to reflect the ideals and sentiments reflected on jade has played an important role in enhancing the cultural taste and connotation of jadeite.

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