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The face of an array of children's wear products on the market, young mothers must be dazzling, both want to dress up their children beautiful, afraid of too much color and style of children lose their personality and style. The following let children's clothing brand network Xiaobian lead you to "where pocket" children's wear world, feel "where pocket" with children's skills. Mastering the main color, auxiliary color, embellishment color usage a main color is accounting for the largest body color area, accounting for more than 60% of the whole body area. Usually as a suit, windbreaker, coat, pants, skirt and so on. b auxiliary color is the color with the main color, accounting for about 40% of the body area. They are usually single piece jacket, jacket, shirt, vest and so on. C embellishment color generally accounts for 5% -15% of the body area. They usually use silk scarves, shoes, bags, accessories, etc., which will play the role of finishing the finishing touches. Embellishment of color is the best of Japan, South Korea, France women show their skills. According to statistics, among the women in various countries in the world, the most Japanese women's scarves are scarves, and they make scarves different styles from their garments, and they can not help noticing their faces. The most French women's accessories It is a brooch that uses a brooch to show a woman's romance. (Note: clothes do not have to be more, do not have to tricks, it is best to use simple and generous style, leaving space for accessories show, so as to reflect the dress with the skills and taste of hobbies. Color matching method a warm color In addition to yellow, orange, orange, all the yellow color is warm color, warm colors generally give gorgeous, mature, vibrant impression, and suitable for these warm colors Color matching with achromatic color system, in addition to white, black, the best use of camel, brown, brown. B cold color to the bottom of the seven-color blue are cool. Cool and cool tone with a harmonious color, the best Of course, the clothing with a lot of skills, "Fan pocket" brand children's clothing tips: suitable for children's choice of black, gray, color, to avoid with the camel, brown tie. Wear is the best dress! More exciting, welcome to consult "Where pocket" brand children's clothing to understand! CompanyAddress: Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province South West Industrial Zone No. 1 performance (where pocket) Contact: Mr. Wu Contact: Franchise Application: QQ: Company Website: http: //


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