Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL wear show: the interpretation of black and white sketches

Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL 's brand by Dai Dai YOUDAIZI to dress as the flagship of a single product. This autumn series of black and white sketches depict a new style of abstraction that recreates all things in both black and white, giving infinitely more meaning to seemingly simple black and white.


Neckline black lines and cuffs, plaiting lines side by side, waist bow bow arranged, full of playful and childlike. Large petals blooming skirts, black lines against the white background, filling the simple style of temperament.


Sleeveless black sleeveless collar cropping cut, with black skirt white, the overall design of the bright spot in the neckline crystal, retro card embellishment. The details of the design highlight the noble side of women, skirts, black lace and the charm of the female bones quietly bloom.


Playful doll collar and trumpet sleeves, black and white classic childlike way to enjoy the description. Retro skirt patterns and petal skirts is the feminine fusion, black and white overlapping silhouettes, so that everyone back to self.

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