Classic Scottish Plaid new season clever mix

When the print swept a summer, the classic Scottish Plaid off the trend of lead, with a British atmosphere of the Plaid, in accordance with their usual style of dispersion. It is not a big deal, with red, black and blue as the main medium-sized plaid for the typical representative of the natural color, yet subtle, classic combination of stylish mix is ​​of course another favorite this season.


BELLO ANN - Belo Horizonte 2013 new

Black and white stitching together, with a comfortable and soft fabric to bring a unique personality experience, the length of the coverall style draw on the advantages of other types of dresses, but also with its own unique characteristics, to create their own temperament. Dark green shawl very creative personality tailoring will be more ingenuity and decorative combination of sketching out a perfect fashion map.

经典苏格兰格纹 新季单品巧妙搭配

BELLO ANN - Belo Horizonte 2013 new

Is still mainly black and white, in the plaid design adds a unique creative, irregular stitching to form a strong contrast, self-cultivation will fashion a refined temperament into clothing design. Bright yellow jacket with a strong visual impact, clever use of different materials and pattern splicing, quickly became the new darling of the much-watched.

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