Colorful summer print patchwork dream art

No matter how you complain about the heat of the summer, it's so gorgeous and colorful that people have a lot of articles to do. As you see the summer, designers will be able to restore a flowery gorgeous scenery for you, a dazzling red, engraved colorful bustling, belong to the summer of a single product will be displayed here.

茵曼 - Inman

Where does inspiration come from? 】

Drawing inspiration from the terraces of Yuanyang in Yunnan Province, through the contrast between law and nature, the collision between the color patches and the color patches, the clothes are printed or embroidered, showing the mirror-like colors of terraced fields. Painting, for the charm to bring passionate summer style.

[This series can not be ignored three details]

No1, leaf printing: Colorful leaf printing is the most prominent feature of this series of new products, because bright colors embellishment, fresh and bright into the summer style.

No2, stitching: the stitching of the printing and solid fabric-based series of significant new logo, stylish stitching is the fashion now popular.

No3, chiffon fabric: soft and comfortable, superior temperament, all the beautiful words, all belong to the summer chiffon shirt.

LOOK 1: stitching irregular dress

缤纷夏日 印花拼凑梦幻艺术

Irregular skirts, skirts trivial style, follow the popular direction, to show the fashion sense of summer single product. Complex printing splicing solid color, both in neutral state, adding color to wear, bow to smile, as if foreseeing a beautiful summer.

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LOOK2: Printed stitching shirt

缤纷夏日 印花拼凑梦幻艺术

Semi-half printing is a solid color, natural and beautiful combination, so that a single product more artistic sense. Three-dimensional shirt collar, with a small detail contrast female demure temperament. Brilliant printing and summer brilliant complement each other.

缤纷夏日 印花拼凑梦幻艺术

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LOOK3: Printed stitching skirts

缤纷夏日 印花拼凑梦幻艺术

Pleated skirt rich level of aesthetics, mottled leaves and flowers printed on the original design of the skirt to add fresh charm. Brisk walking around the moment, all see the skirt flying, mood also followed fly.

缤纷夏日 印花拼凑梦幻艺术

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