[Common textile manual] Cushion cloth

In the seats or sofas of hotels, public buses, and civil aviation passenger aircraft, cloths are often placed in contact with the head or arms of the human body to keep the seats or sofas clean and leave a good impression on the guests. This kind of cushion cloth can use more luxurious fabrics according to the hotel grade, but in general use, non-woven cloth is often used instead of white cotton cloth, which can save the cost of washing and ironing and safekeeping, and can also give passengers safer and healthier. a feeling of. The cushion cloth should have a soft hand and a close to woven fabric appearance as well as a pleasing tint.
Select viscose fiber and polyester as raw materials, for the true cushion fabric, you need to use ultra-white fibers in order to obtain a good appearance. Most of the fiber webs used as mats are arranged in a non-directional arrangement, so that their longitudinal and transverse strengths remain the same. It is produced by the dipping method or the hot-rolling bonding process. The hot-rolled cushion fabric often adopts point bonding in the production, so that the finished product is relatively soft and somewhat sub-pattern and has a good appearance. The mass per unit area is 40-60g/m2, cut to the required shape and size according to the requirements, then printed on the hotel, passenger aircraft, public bus and the adhesive Velcro, in order to be fixed in the seat.

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