[Common textile manual] Single flower brocade table blanket

The mulberry silk silk is used as a jacquard brocade silk fabric, which is used as a table top for the color warp and viscose rayon. The texture is tight and smooth, with beautiful colors and vivid patterns. The stencil motifs of single-flower brocade blankets are mostly composed of flowers, birds, fish, pavilions, and cloudscapes. The layout of the pattern is a square or circular pattern arranged in a square area, and a rectangular pattern may also be arranged in a rectangular area to accommodate the square table. Round table and long table needs. The center is dominated by free-standing single flowers, with a few symmetric patterns on both sides. The pens are delicate and meticulous, or partially dry. The blocks are rich in patterns and layers. The patterns are vivid and lively. After blanket weaving is subject to drowning and is mainly used for countertop decoration.

Classification and specifications
According to the shape, it can be divided into two kinds: square table carpet and long table blanket. S6875 single flower tapestry finished fabric width 138cm, latitude and longitude 1120 per 10cmX870 root / 10cm, mass per unit area 203g/m2. Table blanket sizes are 138cmX138cm and 185cmX138cm.

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