Early winter to wear a short coat collar how to take all look good

At the beginning of winter, the cold winter is the embarrassing season of dressing, but it is also the best time to test the matching skill. How to wear a decent and take the fashion it? 溆 brand recommended for you short fur collar coat. No long section of the dull, more light and agile.


Camel has always been a winter classic, this short jacket with a comfortable non-spherical woolen fabric, popular. It is not only practical black gray liner take the clothes. Lapel design very good cover short stitching clothes stingy, more generous fashion. With the fur collar, is not a kind of noble gorgeous catch-up? Below to catch a floral dress, playful no lack of sexy. In this winter, you can also be so Fashion.

初冬就穿短款毛领外套 怎么搭都好看

This short paragraph to white-based color, cold and cold in this early winter is particularly warm. Chest tucked fur and shoulders complement each other, adding an element of clothing ladies Fan children. Inside with long black bottoming shirt and hip, black and white ride, was thin and personality.

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