Flowers bloom, 2012 Lufthansa will be the focus of the hundred flowers

Lusha biggest bright spot is what?

Lufthansa's features are very clear, whether it is the overall design of the exhibition hall, or the style and display of products, have shown a distinctive side, such as we see in the middle of the red

Long dress represents the Rlosa Lusha brand products - "feminine", "dress."

路莎 - Rlosa

Women's design requirements are high, not only the quality requirements, as well as the amount of requirements, Lussa women's design features what?

Women's style design requirements are high, not only high quality requirements, but also requires continuous new products. Lusha has been devoted to the interpretation of the dream of women's fashion and elegant, the brand focus on the original, to design fashion clothing close to the needs of life as the theme, the design division of each quarter there are several bands, each band has its own design theme, to meet Modern woman colorful lifestyle.



In Shenzhen, a city where women's brands gather, the development of enterprises and brands will face many challenges. How will Lusha remain competitive?

We are not alone in our fame. Instead of drifting away from the crowd, we are faced with all sorts of challenges. We adhere to the elegant and elegant style of Lusha, and have the creative spirit of keeping our competitive edge. While doing a good job in product development and design, Lusha also provides quality service to every partner to achieve a win-win situation among enterprises, businessmen and consumers, so as to establish a perfect brand image in the minds of consumers.

Hotel Towels, usually in plain white color, including Square Towel, Face Towel, Foot Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheets, Bathrobes. Yarn popular used is 16S, 21S, 32S, Different GSM & quality available according to the hotels request. Customer Logo can be customized with embroidery or embossing. 

Yarn Name Size MOQ N.W.(G)
32S/2 OR 16S square towel 30*30cm 10000 50
face towel 34*76cm 5000 140
bath towel 70*140cm 2000 540
foot towel 40*60cm 2000 250
21S/2   square towel 30*30cm 10000 40
face towel 34*76cm 5000 116
bath towel 70*140cm 2000 440
foot towel 40*60cm 2000 240

Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels

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