Frenchman's underwear, the second layer of skin, invigorates the entire winter

Born in France of well-known fashion lingerie brand Farman children, committed self-confident, relaxed, straightforward French Spirit in the fine products and consumers worldwide. Farman children in the romantic, elegant, stylish, luxurious brand concept, the introduction of high quality ladies lingerie. French romantic classical culture and modern fashion concept of the perfect combination of design style, attracting many desire elegant, focusing on the quality of life fashion city women.

身体的第二层肌肤 法曼儿内衣魅惑温暖整个冬季

Whether it is simple and stylish Yayun series, or the extravagance of the Gold Wings Seduction series, or elegant and elegant slightest heart series , are uphold Famen consistent brand concept, select a comfortable fit, soft, high quality fabrics, Through exquisite aesthetic design, for all fashion women to bring personal intimate pleasure, and fashion sexy ultimate charm.

身体的第二层肌肤 法曼儿内衣魅惑温暖整个冬季

Farman lingerie color saturation is very high, bright luster, cold winter can also light the cold. Elegant texture moves, so that feminine gestures full charm, enchanting a whole season. In the design of Frenchman underwear fashion and details will be integrated, the charm of fashion interpretation even more exciting. She with the overall smooth lines, a new outbreak of highly attractive, you love the aesthetic sense by. Especially the classic cotton material, soft and delicate texture, like the second layer of skin, the comfortable touch is very suitable for autumn and winter seasons.

身体的第二层肌肤 法曼儿内衣魅惑温暖整个冬季

Winter has come chill with mercilessly, it is better to find a sprinkling of full sun in the afternoon so that they have a wonderful time alone to release frayed nerves. In detail enough effort is Man's law reflects the quality of children, such as simple basic models bra in the chest at the connection had taken a design "V" shaped buckle connection, let this small detail not only focus on effective breast shape, highlights the beauty of the body curve , But also to meet the loving low-necked shirt dress needs.

身体的第二层肌肤 法曼儿内衣魅惑温暖整个冬季

Lace and light through the chiffon is the most commonly used clothing and underwear fabrics, but the difference in texture so comfort is also different. Farman children with comfortable cotton technology, with the most skin-friendly way to create easy-to-wear underwear style, even the sophisticated lace pattern also has an unparalleled skin-friendly texture, for a relaxed and relaxed home brought time Comfortable experience.

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