Glass screen printing ink characteristics

[China Glass Net] Glass screen printing ink is easy to use, no need to add curing agent, no need to bake, can get excellent adhesion. It has the characteristics of flat light, good adhesion, stamping resistance and alcohol resistance. It is very common in production advertising companies. Let's take a look at the features of glass screen printing inks.

Glass screen printing ink characteristics:

1. Scope of application: iron, aluminum, alloy, glass, ceramic, electroplating, stone, anodized aluminum surface and baking (spray) paint surface; 2. Squeegee hardness: 70-80 degrees is appropriate, and the angle is 60- 70 degrees is preferred. 3. Mesh: suitable for 100-420 mesh printing; 4. Dosage: use 300 mesh screen for about 30 square meters per kilogram; 5. Drying method: TA series is a natural volatile dry ink, ink layer table Dry time 5-10 minutes: The dry time is within 24 hours. Better performance is achieved after 48 hours.

Note on the use of glass screen printing ink:

1. The trial printing confirms that the requirements are met before mass production. 2. Do a good job of removing grease and impurities from the surface of the printed matter to promote adhesion. 3. When color registration is required, the color registration should be done after the front color table is dry or hard. 4. The detection of adhesion, hardness, acid resistance, oil resistance, oil resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., requires the ink layer to be fully cured before it can be detected. 5. This series of inks should not be mixed and matched with other types of inks without permission. 6. Use time limit after adding curing agent: The ink usage time after adding the curing agent is 4~6 hours. The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the use time, and the remaining ink can not be recycled.

Safety rules for the use of glass screen printing inks:

1. Fireworks are strictly prohibited when using and storing thinners. 2. Pay attention to the good ventilation of the construction site when using. 3. Try to avoid direct skin contact. 4, this product accidentally splashed into the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, apply a lot of water to clean or directly ask the doctor. 5, allergic to this product, should be applied a layer of skin cream or wear impervious gloves before use.

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