"Golden figure show" the first China fashion underwear design competition ended successfully

September 25, the " golden figure show" the first China Fashion Underwear Design Competition finals held in Guangxi. After careful screening by professional judges, fierce competition for 24 short-listed players, the industry's long-awaited contest prizes ultimately belong to the main.

Peng Guofu, President of China National Textile and Apparel Council Lingerie Committee, attended the finals and delivered a speech. Peng Guang, director of Guangxi Wen Guang New Bureau, Xu Bo, chief editor of China Textile News, Bai Ping, director of China Textile Business Association Office, , Hu Luo Yan, Zhang Minglin, Executive Vice President Zhang Zhiqiang, Chen Zhibin, Vice President Lin Xintai, Yan Hongzhong, President Assistant Song, Secretary Pan Zhongshan and Donghua University, Southwest University, Central China Institute of Technology, Yiwu Institute of Business and other institutions and leaders A total of more than 400 guests attended the event.

Under the joint support of domestic and international underwear industry, the competition jury lineup is also exceptionally powerful, including the well-known domestic designers such as Wu Xuewei, Yin Jianrong, Wang Panpan, South Korea's Ms. Zheng Mingji, France Walai Hei, the international panel of judges showed The international positioning of the competition, for the players made the most professional and unique judgments and insights.

The final of the night through six thematic field, the designer's underwear design ideas and ideas to show their talent. Eventually fierce competition, Central Plains College of Technology Fuwen Bei ("Night of Freedom") won the championship; runner-up by the Xi'an Engineering University Li Xinghua (Ailisi Wonderland), Dalian University of Technology College underwear studio Xu Man Man (work, "Bond girl") is obtained; Zhejiang textile & Fashion College accounting process (work "lead free"), Changzhou textile garment Institute Li Xue Fei (works "still air") and Jiangnan University Li Jiao (works "watery Love" ) Get third place. The contest also produced five individual awards (Best Creative Award, Best Aesthetic Award, Best Crafts Award, Best Show Award, Best Business Value Award) and 13 excellent awards.

In addition, the Organizing Committee of the Competition, in recognition of the strong support from colleges and universities all over the country, specially organized the Organizational Award. Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, Yiwu Business School and Changzhou Textile and Garment College won the Outstanding Organization Award.

This competition is supported by China Textile Commercial Association, organized by China Underwear Committee, the brand of "golden figure show" is contracted by Guangxi TV "Fashion China" and co-organized by Ye Maozhong planning agency. Competition advocates "let fashion within reach" concept, will further tap China's original design strength, is conducive to the selection of underwear design talent, reserve and enhance the design strength, promote the adjustment and upgrading of underwear industry, and further to the knowledge-intensive, creative, brand Business, high value-added fashion industry restructuring.

Peng Guifu, chairman of China's underwear Committee, pointed out that "the golden figure show" the first China fashion underwear design competition will continue to hold in the future, the underwear industry to the historical node of today, holding such a contest of strategic significance. After decades of accumulation, there are already a large number of outstanding leaders in the field of underwear in China. They have achieved outstanding results in terms of the depth of original design strength, the shaping of brand culture and the leading of fashion lifestyle. However, their performance is often not easily understood by the general public. Many people still hold the prejudice that "the apparel industry is a manufacturing industry." "Golden figure show" The first China fashion underwear design competition hope that through the design of China's underwear strength, fashion culture show, so that more people realize that "underwear industry is a creative and cultural industries," the fact.


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