Hemp denim warp sizing technology

With the advancement of human society and science and technology, people pay more and more attention to the living environment, and green products will dominate the new trend of world textiles and apparel consumption. At the same time, the organic integration of people's pursuit of comfort, health, external texture and internal health care function will be a new trend of apparel consumption. The evergreen tree in the textile industry - denim is also developing according to the new trend of "comfort, environmental protection and personalization". The hemp fiber with health care function is gradually applied to denim and presents a broad prospect. In recent years, the hemp fiber in the denim industry is mainly used for hemp-cotton blended fabrics. The content of hemp is between 55 % and 80%. Because hemp cotton denim has the characteristics of smooth, breathable and rough style, it has become denim. A high-end variety in the family.
Warp sizing is one of the most difficult technical problems in the production of hemp denim. Due to the coarse and hard characteristics of hemp fiber, the hairiness is not easy to be applied during sizing, and the sizing is not wearable, which seriously affects the weaving efficiency, even Weaving is carried out. Solving the technical problems of hemp denim sizing will have a positive impact on the development of denim production plants, improving product quality and production efficiency. We have cooperated with relevant manufacturers, research institutes and textile colleges to pass warp yarns. Pretreatment, slurry screening, formulation optimization, sizing process selection, and many small tests, industrial tests, achieved good results.
1 Main factors affecting the quality of hemp denim sizing
There are many factors affecting the quality of the hemp yarn of the hemp cotton denim. In addition to the equipment, operation, raw material quality and other factors, it is mainly the performance of hemp fiber and the selection and blending of the slurry and sizing process.
1.1 Chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties of hemp fiber
Hemp fiber contains a certain amount of hemicellulose and lignin. The content of cellulose determines the gloss, softness, spinnability and affinity for the pulp. When the lignin content is low, the spun yarn has good gloss, soft handfeel and elasticity, and good sizing performance, and the hairiness is easy to apply. Hemicellulose is a substance that is between starch and cellulose and has a lower molecular weight than cellulose and contains polysaccharides or similar polysaccharides.

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