How baby clothes with the winter for the baby what kind of style

The key to the growth of children is the choice of mothers clothing, fashion dress up from an early age, the child grew up as a fashionista, this is the first step toward education for children, how to match the baby's winter clothing look good? Let's take a look at the fruit and children's wear is how with it. Photo credit: fruit fruit children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter series from childhood to teach baby to understand color, the colored clothing to wear him, changing color every few days, over time baby will know what color you like, do not like what color, this is The first step on the color of knowledge, mustard yellow cotton style, adding a lot of color splicing, knitwear within take, so that the overall a lot more color, but also to make the winter colorful. Baby fashion growth The second step let the baby know the style, the winter is not necessarily the only down jacket, cotton dress is the most warm, suitable for other styles, for example, wear a full coat down, and then replaced by woolen coat, is Cotton clothes, this cycle of dress, so that the baby can hold any style, not just wear a single style.

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