"I Do It" Valentine's Day Rehearsal I Do witnessed plain love

February 14 Valentine's Day, a well-known jewelry brand I Do China United Film Group to create the brand of love the same name blockbuster "I Do I Do" set off a wave of couple viewing. Busy metropolis, because it is full of expectations of love, become romantic and sweet. On the evening, at the Beau Cinema International Cinema Chaoyang store, 100 happy couples from Weibo, the official Weibo platform of Sina Weibo, came together at I Do Studios with "I Like I Do" true love Night - Star fans meet. " Hundreds of lovers to enjoy the film together, the actor Jin Xiao Ling - Miss Xue Jia condensate attended a fan meeting, and for the three pairs of marriage proposal sent the couple I Do ring and the most sincere wishes. Xue Jia condensate talk about Jin Xiao order plain love concept movie plays Jin Xiaoling actress Miss Xue Jia condensate as I Do special guest, after the film held a fan meeting. When asked to film the deepest feelings of the film, she expressed her true love attitude: no gesture of love, let it be, in the end! She believes that, in our blind pursuit, looking for true love, in fact, most people should think about how to run love. And then romantic love, but also need to have a simple attitude to operate and maintain, I hope everyone say "I do I Do", more practical action to express, to practice this commitment. Still single Xue Jia condensate, on Valentine's Day this day, single guest I Do activities, wearing a special wear I Do Champs Kiss diamond ring. She chose the diamond ring when Yang Nianhua proposed the wedding slightly to Tang, and hoped that this special I Do diamond ring would bring good luck to her in 2012. I Do Diamond Ring Witness Rustic Love When the filming was over, there were three brave men on the scene who made everyone present as a witness, and sincerely expressed their beloved girlfriend and made a grand and romantic solicitation. Although they are all ordinary couples from around us, although the scene is not luxuriously furnished, their hands-made videos and intentionally written poems make many guests feel moved and cry. When the three couples marry success, the atmosphere reached a romantic climax. Xue Ji condensate donated them by I Do couple diamond ring, and the presence of hundreds of couples together loudly said: "I want I Do" vows. For the 2012 Valentine's Day draw a successful conclusion. DisplayAd ();

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