I wish Hong Kong colorful butterfly ladies Tangshan store opened this weekend!

Whether a clothing brand has a mature market share, depends on its sales network and marketing model, Hong Kong Colorful Butterfly Women in just a few months, continue to come from all over the country good news, frequent opening of new stores throughout the country, that Colorful butterfly women in the women's market occupy a stable place, and toward the development with the vast territory. In the upcoming weekend, colorful Butterfly Women will enter Tangshan, Hebei, Saturday and Sunday officially open, opening surprise waiting for you to share.

A set of scientific marketing model for the development of garment enterprises is very crucial, when we see the rapid development of Colorful Butterfly and the new store opened the trend, we can see Colorful Butterfly Women have a strong team behind the efforts of the more The opening of more new stores also indicates that the development of Colorful Butterfly will be more and more prosperous and the blueprint will become wider and wider.


This weekend, if you are sad no place to buy shopping for new clothes, bring your girlfriends and friends, together into the Colorful Butterfly Women's new store to see the latest summer listing new, opening surprise waiting for the vast number of consumers together Participate oh.

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