Impression of beauty brand underwear for women graceful and proud life

Sexy, feminine, elegant, confident woman is always the most touching, impressing beauty brand underwear Through healthy, comfortable underwear concept focused on product development, so that women can be graceful and proud life.


So sweet lace set is definitely the best choice for the interpretation of the girlhood, pink tend to a little more mature sense of color because of the white dotted balance between the balance between the two, white lace and bow decoration, there is a romantic Princess flavor.

印象佳人品牌内衣  让女人婀娜并骄傲的生活

Thin as onion skin lace fabric to help you get rid of the summer heat, bring a comfortable, breathable wear experience, to your bosom a free breathing space, high-quality soft and light lace fabric, personal wear not only does not have a sense of friction, Can give you more soft care.

the  neck  warmer  Made of super soft fabric, good keep cool effect, more comfortable and windproof. With it, no worry about the cold weather , the  item  unit  price  is  cheap  but  useful , it can also be used as face mask, beanie, pirate hat, worthy deal and save your money .

we  are  factory  for  neck  warmer  , export  to  Japan , korean , USA ......  many  country  . 
microfiber  polar  fleece , multi used Neck Warmer  with  customer  logo .

we  do  OEM  and  ODM  with  customized  size  and  weight  .  welcome  to  inquiry  with  detail  request  . 

Neck Warmer

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