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Iraq's beauty underwear brand with unique business philosophy and brand's own unique personality, in the 16 years of market operations continue to grow. In the spring of 2012, Iraq's beauty lingerie even ten years to zero, transformation of new attitude, new logo, new products, new terminals, new channel mode ... ... comprehensively show the new Iraqi beauty, new advantages and new capabilities of the new look.


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伊之美内衣品牌 Logo 全新升级说明

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May 28, 2011, Iraq's lingerie brand logo logo officially upgraded, fully integrated, unified brand image. The new logo symbolizes Iraq's beauty ten years to zero, starting from scratch; marking the Iraqi beauty underwear more diversified and more stylish overall image of the brand, but also said Iraq's beauty lingerie underwear brand to build sexy determination.

In order to better complete the brand change for the job, strengthen the public's Iraqi beauty underwear brand "sexy, fashion, taste," the impression that from now on all new businesses to join the new Iraqi beauty underwear brand Logo, the new terminal image; The purpose is to maximize the protection of the original brand equity, retain and strengthen the original competitive advantage.

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