Italian Wana Invaria Pujiang Yacht underwear show

Qingyun autumn days, pre- meaning Wana underwear in the Huangpu River ... with the financial and fashion gathering belt called the Shanghai Bund held a catwalk show.


Choose one of the best scenic spots in the Huangpu River Bay, the rippling river and the group of high-rise buildings in Pudong became the background, a white luxury yacht and docking of the pier has become a stage, a number of stature tall beautiful models, in the melodious Music sound, walking Ying Ying Ying, they are either on the shore Qiaoqianqixian, or look forward to grace on the yacht.


Magnificent tall modern buildings in Pudong and the Huangpu Bund classic ocean floor, against the backdrop of the blue sky and shining, spectacular and moving, and wearing a doll sexy underwear model who set off in such an environment more skin creamy, Beautiful young, graceful and graceful movement of their graceful light of the show, the Italian style of Vanessa underwear fashion and beauty, sexy and not vulgar, beautiful and elegant theme interpretation most vividly.


The show's style is more concise and elegant, mainly for urban white-collar workers, highlighting the elegance and impressive, elegant and generous design concept, with white-collar coat match, reflects the urban white-collar family of wisdom and beauty, fashion and urban modern breath.


Italian Waina brand has always been concerned about the different groups wearing different time wearing product development, not only for the product positioning for the season, while paying attention to the modern women in different occasions wearing the demand for more professional women to provide various segments of underwear Products, especially the white-collar women in modern cities, as an underwear company located in the commercial and industrial center of Pudong in Shanghai, have a better understanding of the needs of these groups. This is one of the manifestations of the product release featuring white collar workers.


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