Last week, China Textile City staple fiber sales

Last week, China Textile City staple fiber sales 1. Cotton cloth: woven and knitted cotton fabrics (including cotton fabric, cotton yarn dyed fabric, cotton mesh gauze fabric, and some premium cotton fabrics, ramie cloth) mainly composed of cotton yarns of various types of c/c clothing fabrics and decorative fabrics Each day sales are about 47-50-48-46-47-53-49 thousand meters;

2, polyester-cotton cloth: all kinds of t / c yarn-based woven, knitted polyester-cotton fabric (including gray cloth, yarn-dyed, mesh gauze and all kinds of premium polyester-cotton cloth), the daily sales of about 17-18-17- 18-17-21-19 thousand meters;

3, polyester-viscose-like felt: all kinds of t / r staple fiber-based woven steaming imitation wool-type suits and other t / r gauze (including t / r polyester viscose plush fabric, all kinds of seasonal price t / R cloth), sales of each day are about 30-32-31-30-31-34-32 million meters;

4, mixed cloth: all kinds of woven, knitted staple fiber yarn cotton cloth, Yang sticky gauze, sticky cotton gauze, polyester t/t gauze and some cotton and polyester interwoven (mixed cloth) and other staple fiber yarn-based cloth Each day sales are about 4-4.5-4-5-6-7-50 thousand meters;

5, staple elastic fabric: all kinds of c / c, t / c, t / r and other staple fiber covered yarn-based woven, knitted: elastic fabric, covered yarn elastic composite fabric (including both short staple coating Elastic cloth, staple fiber coated elastic composite fabric, staple fiber elastic artificial leather, seasonal off-price staple fiber elastic cloth), the daily sales are about 5-4.5-5-6-6.5-8-5 million meters;

6, leather cloth: woven viscose R cotton, cotton c / c, polyester / cotton t / c for the end of all kinds of staple fiber-coated cloth, dyed cloth, artificial leather, elastic leather, elastic composite leather , Coated with leather and other composite fabrics staple leather coated leather imitation leather cloth, the daily sales of about 4-4.5-4-3-2.5-4-3 million meters;

7, viscose cloth: all kinds of viscose yarn R artificial cotton cloth (including knitted cotton cloth, including some of the human silk interlaced cloth, silk long fiber cloth "people silk brocade" and other varieties), each day sales are about 85- 75-75-70-66-58-53 thousand meters;

Total staple fiber cloth: From July 1st to July 7th, 2013, the daily sales volume of the seven major staple fiber fabrics in the conventional market of China Textile City was approximately 192-189-184-178-176-185-1.6 million meters.

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