Latin American children pretty home service, lazy lifestyle also needs fashion

Many people think that home wear is only suitable for home wear, just buy a dress can, this idea is tantamount to, Underwear is worn inside others can not see, buy a bargain like. In fact, underwear and home clothes are in direct contact with our skin, and understand life love their own women tend to choose high quality underwear and home service, even if the home life will certainly be exquisite and lazy, elegant and Bright in a stylish women, tender and understand life, women have a fatal temptation.

拉美儿 - LAMA

Playful, sexy, stylish, modern ...... .. This series of adjectives, in everyone's opinion is generally the exclusive adjectives coat, in fact, underwear and home service also in the pursuit of fashion and sophistication.

Now on the market are based on cotton and silk clothing, mainly with the material, and with the development of science and technology, modal, rayon, regenerated fiber and a series of wood pulp fiber, the birth of synthetic fiber, the material is more comfortable home service ,soft! Latin American children's clothing line in the category of human cotton material with good air permeability, hygroscopic, wearing soft and no deformation and static characteristics!


Silk home clothes with its unique natural animal protein fibers, with easy to dry, moisture absorption. Good heat dissipation characteristics, promote cell metabolism, with health effects, a home service in the high-quality, high-end leader, and because of the delicate silk fabric, the price relative to other materials to be higher than the number of home clothes, and Latin American children's blue and white porcelain Silk class, with easy-drying, moisture absorption. Good heat dissipation and other silk qualities, elegant and refined!


If this summer your home service has not yet thought how to wear, Latin American children's clothing is absolutely superior home service choice, high-end comfortable fabric with stylish simple design, make you feel a different summer, not the same careless Lazy life!

Polyester Cotton Woven Ribbons

Natural and durable: The twill webbing is natural in style, durable, and has good air permeability. It can be washed and is not easy to break, bringing you a different experience
Beautiful textile accessories: Natural webbing is a good textile accessory, suitable for making flags, weddings, birthday parties, making piping, binding seams, finishing raw edges, and wrapping all kinds of fabrics. It is a decorative and practical tape in your life.
Easy to fit: the herringbone twill tape is long enough, scissors can cut the length you want, different width options also make things easier, easy to fit, to meet your different needs
Multiple uses: You can apply twill tape in various ways, including crafts, strapping, packaging, home furnishing, decoration, clothing making, textile accessories and many other sewing items, just apply it in your own way

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