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For the past 13 years since its founding, " Leida " brand has captured the trend of fashion design in Europe and the United States through scientific management and accurate market positioning, adhering to the design concept of "comfort, sophistication, individuality and popularization" and product style. Companies to advance the brand awareness, the franchise franchise brand marketing campaign action management "Leida" clothing brand , providing a series of professional training, flawless quality assurance.


"Leida" products for the 18-35-year-old confident and innovative fashion women and tailor-made design, all used in Italy, France and other European and American fabrics, pay attention to dress appropriate and relaxed, exquisite workmanship, fresh and natural style of the shop, Coupled with cordial and attentive service embodies the "Li Lida" brand essence and profound cultural connotation. A unified mode of operation, advanced marketing tools, professionals take good care of, has created many successful people.

蕾丽达品牌女装 清新自然的淑女气质

Baby Towel -bamboon  Hooded Towel

Softex make Baby Hooded Towel with warp knitted terry fabrics, which is very soft and smooth for baby use. 

bamboo fiber fabrics are quite suitable for baby products,which will be anti-snagged, 

we use 92%bamboo8%spandex warp knitted terry to develop the baby hooded towel with the bamboo nature characters of Anti-bacterials,high water absorption,luxriously soft,anti-uv,biodegradable,green... 


Ultra soft and breathable for baby

Bamboo fabric has natural wicking abilities making it super absorbent

Organic bamboo naturally resists odor keeping baby's skin super fresh

Bamboo fabric is temperature regulating so your baby keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter Free of chlorine and formaldehyde

Organic bamboo - a pesticide free, sustainable and renewable resource

we have developed a series of bamboo baby products with bamboo knitted fabrics or terry fabrics...and we can make products design and development as per your requirement.

Bamboo Hooded Towel

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