Life small encyclopedia: steel wood door maintenance 4 common sense

With the popularity of steel doors, steel doors have gradually become a common door in home life. Everyone knows that the steel planks are beautiful and have the advantages of bright color. For a long time, the steel planks will crack and darken. How to avoid these phenomena? This requires an understanding of the maintenance knowledge of steel doors. This article provides four aspects of steel door maintenance for your reference.

1. Steel-wood doors will appear smudge after installation for a period of time. When wiping steel-wood doors, avoid using hard cloth to wipe the surface of steel-wood doors to avoid scratching the surface of steel-wood doors. It is recommended to use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the steel door surface. If the stain is thick, you can choose a neutral detergent or a furniture cleaner for cleaning. If you do not have these two cleaners, you can choose toothpaste for cleaning. After the stains are removed, choose a dry soft cloth to dry, and avoid washing with water. Reminder: Do not immerse the neutral agent or water rag on the surface of the steel door for a long time, otherwise it will immerse the surface and discolor or peel the surface finish material. Do not rub too much on the corners of the steel wood door, otherwise the corner paint will fall off.

2. Steel-wood doors are heavier than ordinary doors, so when the hinges and locks of steel-wood doors are loose, they should be screwed in time. When the hinge position occurs, the sound should be injected in time. When the lock is opened, it is not flexible. You can add the appropriate amount of pencil core to the keyhole. Do not fill the oil casually.

3. Due to the characteristics of shrinkage and swelling of wood, in the case of large difference in temperature and humidity, such as slight cracking or shrinkage, this is a normal natural phenomenon, do not panic, with seasonal changes, this The phenomenon will naturally disappear.

4. In order to maintain the bright color of the steel door, it should be waxed regularly for maintenance.

In order to extend the service life of steel doors, it is necessary to understand the maintenance of steel doors, and knowing common sense can also save the family one cent.

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