Love twilight autumn and winter new palace embroidery royal fantasy

Charming, passionate spring and summer has quietly left, charming, implicit fall and winter hurriedly, today for the new and old friends is the twilight love autumn and winter of the new "Royal Fantasy" series.


The series has Yin purple, blue, skin-friendly three colors, 3/4 bowl of exquisite cup design, so you Feng Ting moment, the cup S curve is more sexy, cup groove reshape breast groove perfect chest Shape, full tempting plump peak.

朝暮之恋秋冬新款 宫廷刺绣 皇室幻想

朝暮之恋秋冬新款 宫廷刺绣 皇室幻想

Four-dimensional surround technology visible gather, invisible care, such as the hand of the lover Cup at the same time from the bottom up, from outside to inside the package together, the ideal concentration, once in place.

It has soft and elastic handle, soft and natural luster, comfortable and beautiful wearing, high-grade feeling, good moisture absorption, not easy to heat conduction, good warmth retention, wrinkle resistance, and good clothing shape retention.

Advantages: strong moisture absorption, good dyeing performance, soft handle, comfortable wearing, no static electricity, good air permeability, anti sensitivity, simple appearance, not easy to be moth eaten, firm and durable, easy to clean.

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