Love yarn baby magic bra, to give women the warmest winter care

Bra is known as the second skin of women in the cold winter, the most beautiful place to give women the warmest, most intimate care than a healthy and environmentally friendly bra. Love yarn baby magic ring bra, temperature, zero pressure, can massage the breast, breast disease prevention, and the texture of soft, healthy and comfortable, can be machine washed 10,000 times without distortion, in this cold winter, Love yarn Baby Magic Bra Can give the second skin of the woman with personal warmth and care , so that you have both the coy of the body posture, but also good to resist the invasion of the cold, whether it is beautiful girl or urban white-collar workers, or postpartum mothers and ordinary women, can Find a sweet love for your magic ring bra.


In life, there are many women buy bra very casual, just think the appearance of fashion, fabric almost on the line, it does not consider it inside the steel ring, in fact, bra steel ring problem can not be ignored, choose high-tech environmental protection steel Loop on the health of the breasts of great benefit. As China's first brand of health underwear love yarn baby, under the path of creating healthy underwear, has taken a new step, the research and development of love yarn baby magic ring bra, both in the design of the appearance of the system in the system And the use of environmentally friendly memory alloy steel ring material, so that bra technology and health functions greatly enhance internal and external reached a high degree of harmony and unity.

It is reported that the traditional stainless steel bra can guarantee the chest, but the stainless steel strength, adverse health; do not wear steel bra with a healthy and comfortable, but can not guarantee the chest. Memory alloy is a "life of the alloy," is all the metal and metal most compatible with the human body, so Love yarn Baby magic bra can not only guarantee the health of the chest type, so that the perfect female breast shape.

Memory alloy with super elasticity, flexibility is traditional stainless steel bra elastic 96 times, with super memory function, when reached the human body temperature will be restored when the factory memory shape, the best stretch. The softer the lower the temperature, the more easily deformable. The contained titanium is the metal that is most compatible with the human body in all metals and weighs half the weight of stainless steel rims. Love yarn baby magic ring bra support steel ring when the breast is located exactly where the most abundant lymph nodes, as the super-flexible titanium ring memory, so no pressure on the milk: "zero pressure" can fully improve the blood flow in the milk , Improve microcirculation, enhance nutrient supply, promote milk metabolism, activate breast tissue cells; with the irregular breast movement, uninterrupted adjustment of titanium ring amplitude and arc width, the formation of attached to the lower brim of the breast under the crescent Curves, at any time on the breast massage, relieve physical breasts to ease pain, prevent breast hyperplasia and other diseases, but also can enhance the drooping breast, so that the chest and very pretty.

In the cold winter season, the memory alloy bra is the temperature of the steel ring, so wear more warm and comfortable, is the best choice for female friends. In addition, the love yarn baby magic ring bra fabric using high-tech bamboo carbon fiber, with warmth, breathable, absorbent, deodorant, antibacterial , antistatic function is the most can not give up the healthy female underwear friends.

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