MARLOCA new store card to join the boom even signed 5 new stores

The temperature gradually decreased, but MARLOCA Man exposed card store to join the boom continues not retreat, Guangdong Sihui, Zhoukou, Zhengzhou, Henan, Yunnan Honghe Prefecture, Dongguan Zhongtang moved into MARLOCA Man exposed card fashion map!


MARLOCA蔓露卡新店加盟热潮 连签5家新店

Continuous signing 5, no matter the expansion of the card will give us more after the surprise! MARLOCA Man Lu fashion card trendy women's boutique will be unveiled one after another appearance, bloom a charming charm of the stylish atmosphere!

MARLOCA蔓露卡新店加盟热潮 连签5家新店

MARLOCA蔓露卡新店加盟热潮 连签5家新店

These visiting customers came from a number of regions across the country. They were able to visit MARLOCA headquarters in Dongguan for a long-term field trip. Apart from their dedication to pioneering their dreams, they also showed their dedication to MARLOCA A kind of trust

Here we wish the opening of the new store as soon as possible to bring fashion and elegant clothing to the girls in our regions.

MARLOCA蔓露卡新店加盟热潮 连签5家新店

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