MO & Co. 2012 SPRING A season of light action

In the spring of 2012, a well-established fashion season. MO & Co. 2012 SPRING Lightly Touching Season's Fashion Jumps out of the plane and the still to bring out a new tempting touch. The color of the past, or imagine the fabric together, vividly to create an eye-catching freshness. Geometric color combinations continue to be popular, with a slightly relaxed new loose tailoring, high fashion has brought a glimpse of breathing opportunities, everything seems to germinate comfortable, but by no means simple. A variety of fabric composite splicing practices so rich and touching spring clothing, once again demonstrated the designer across the boundaries of the attitude of early spring yellow, green, bright orange, red and sea blue, cut in the new, flat, geometrical cut, the severity Soft and hard texture of the touch, beyond the conventional contrast color combinations, people shines. Striped and patterned to add a sense of relaxed and happy holiday, and the details embellishment is more reflected in the sense of sporty, exquisite drawstring, functional buckle, between the strip, square silhouette and sneaker remix, add a little sexy atmosphere for the sport, as if put on You can take a big step directly to travel, is the perfect combination of texture, concept and atmosphere. At the same time the evolution of pop pattern, light safari style, acidic color jumping and contrasting wild patterns, so that surprise after another. MO & Co. To play its good at practices, the original spans a great deal of elements remixed, cruising in different fabrics and feelings, to extract new proportions, contours and colors of the new highlights, like a magnificent visual game and touch trip .

Casual Pants

Casual Pants,Leisure Trousers,Solid Woven Trousers,Straight Long Leg Pant


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