Modified PP engineering plastic series

Modified PP engineering plastic series 1. Impact-resistant PP
1. Improve cold resistance 2. Improve impact strength 3. Adjust fluidity and molding shrinkage according to product requirements. Uses: Automobile bumper, wheel cover, instrument case, etc.
Second, mineral reinforcement, toughened PP
1. Improve the rigidity and impact resistance 2. The molding shrinkage rate is good, the dimensional stability is good 3. The heat deformation temperature is high and the heat resistance is good 4. The molding processability is good Uses: Auto parts, electronic appliances, mechanical parts, etc.
Third, fiber-reinforced PP
1. Greatly improve the mechanical properties of PP 2. Improve the heat distortion temperature 3. Improve the molding shrinkage rate, good dimensional stability 4. Improve the low temperature notched impact strength of PP 5. Have heat-resistant oxygen aging, high temperature resistance and light aging resistance. : used in auto parts, engine fans, electronic electric devices, high strength requirements of the skeleton, shell four, flame retardant PP
1, flame retardant and other very UL94V0, V1, V2 three specifications 2, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, no bleeding, no corrosion of the mold Uses: for electrical products requiring flame retardant
5. Flame retardant enhancement 1. Good material rigidity, high hardness 2. Good heat resistance and high heat distortion temperature 3. Flame retardant and other UL94V0, V1, V2
4, small molding shrinkage, good dimensional stability Uses: for electrical products, instrument cases, sockets, plugs, etc. Six, antistatic PP
1, surface resistance up to 10 Ω ~ 10 Ω
2. No effect on injection molding and extrusion 3. Does not affect the performance of the matrix resin. Uses: Various parts that do not require dust and antistatic

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