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Wear personality, comfortable to wear is now the pursuit of clothing consumers dress experience, not blindly follow the trend. The new generation of urban women in the dress more and more is their own feelings, no longer mind too much about the views of others. NIERMAI Ni Er wheat women is taking into account the modern way of thinking of women in the fashion design focus on the overall clean and tidy, cutting lines naturally soft, giving customers the most comfortable dressing experience.


First of all, on the choice of color has preemptive, orange-red extremely eye-catching. In the design of the body, many use of shrinkage wrinkle treatment, to create a random personality style of dressing. Multi-layer lightweight fabric superimposed groups, there is a sense of wind and Melaleuca waves, in this gentle cut lines, the show is a mature atmosphere of modern urban girl range.

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Orange with white is rare color matching, it can reflect a person's clothing style which reflects the personality style. Blouse style neat, chest flower decoration, simple design highlight personality. White bag hip short skirts informal informal style, lace lace outline slightly Tim small mood. The entire dress effect is graceful temperament.

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