North Korea spend the evening to sign marketing center officially signed Xiayi Bai Bai Bai Xiayi counter

March breeze hit hit, an warm stream slowly flowing into people's hearts. In this spring season, there is no one really suitable for their own new clothes how to do? If you have not found a suitable new suit, then quickly into the ladies store to buy. For friends around Xiayi County in Henan Province, an upcoming opening of the ladies' counter will be their favorite shopping destination. Let us congratulate: North Korea spent the evening to sign the marketing center officially signed Xiayi Bai Xiayi County counter 60 counters, add a new family members to spend; also wish: the couple opened the doors! Business is booming! North Korea rose flower!


Picking up women's clothing brand enterprises in the formal establishment in 2002, after years of sharpening has become the Hangpai women and even Chinese women's well-known brands. Examining the present, North Korea spent Xi pick products have been sold in 30 provinces and cities nationwide, more than 300 employees, with high-level management, research and development personnel more than 50 people, with more than 5,000 square meters of standard workshop, is a design, production and Sales in one of the clothing brand enterprises.


Nowadays, the women's wear brand has always been oriented towards diversified consumer demand to meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of modern women. Design style will be bold and innovative fashion design elements, the modern women are forming the new demands of the times to carry out the most vividly!

If now, you also want to join the flowers to pick up the women's family, then hurried to send a message to pick up women's clothes. Brand companies will be the first time you get in touch with the relevant matters to join.

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