Now shop is to join good or good bulk business to join what brand is better

Open the circle of friends, you will see many of my friends are asking: what business to make money after the New Year? In fact, everyone is thinking about this issue. A person doing business alone risk, but also in the liquidity and flow of funds also have certain requirements. So, now alone business is being left out. At this time, joining the project, but doing well. Join a project, you can have the most professional guidance team give you advice. There is not much need for capital flow, and the risk factor is greatly reduced. However, in order to make everyone fully aware of the benefits of joining the project, Xiao Bian still have to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of operating bulk and joining it.

司嘉仪 - sceayi

The biggest advantage of doing bulk is: more freedom, no one on your request. The disadvantage is: whether it is making money or losing money is their own commitment. And operated by the style too common in the market, even if there are new models, but also not wantonly getting goods because too much stock. And the price, there is no room for improvement. In the development of the market, can not be very good at the first time to understand the current fashion trends, according to popular elements to get goods.

现在开店是做加盟好还是经营散货好 加盟什么品牌比较好

To join a clothing brand : The disadvantage is that relative to the bulk of goods , there is not enough freedom, according to the brand to give the target implementation. But the advantages: brand constantly updated, style and more, the same quality and monopoly, the price of low-cost consumer base, small risk, small investment, high returns.

Therefore, joining the clothing brand has become the mainstream of the apparel market. If you have been looking for a more suitable for their own brand to join the words. Xiaobian suggest that you consider the Secretary Ka Wah Women.

Join Secretary Jiayi Women:

1, no franchise fee, no deposit, etc. (not subject to payment of any additional costs);

2, not limited to the first line of credit;

3, getting goods way bulk market, chain store services;

4,100% swap system

5, get goods for the first time to enjoy complimentary goods;

6, enjoy quarterly rebates;

7, free manager, shopping guide training, shop worry-free;

8, free to provide partners with stores, shopping malls counter image design;

9, free plans to open, promotions and other programs;

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