OMNIALUO Shenzhen Shenzhen Service Expo Exhibition Hall favored

Unique marketing concept, unique original design style, and unique cultural competition strategy make the Opelanou OMNIALUO "Dream Garden - Art Through Time" Hall in Hall 9 the most watched in this Shenzhen Garment Show. One of the most popular booths. Let the franchisees across the country see the brand's confidence in the Chinese designer women's wear market.

In recent years, OMNIALUO has developed rapidly and steadily. With its unique design style, high market share, high market economic efficiency and consumer evaluation, it has its own strength and brand influence, such as broad development prospects, and has been successfully selected as a “National Famous Brand”. This signifies that OMNIALUO is further recognized and consolidated as the leading position of Chinese women's designer brands.

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This fabric need yarn dyeing first, then knit fabric according to repeat. It is divided Auto stripe and Y/D. Repeat for Auto stripe is more than 4cm for Jersey, if less than 4cm, it is Y/D jersey. To be attention that repeat is only 2cm for Y/D if it knitted by double machine such as rib, Ponte Roma, Interlock etc.    

Y/D Series

Poly Span Rib,Stripe Rib Poly,Cotton Poly Rayon,Jersey Poly Cotton Rayon

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