Playful flower skull X roll wig hair bundle

Tender and sweet girl style wig is still a hot trend, a roll-style wig can make want to try fresh bud head of MM reap unexpected surprise! This model even beginners have no problem, it seems simple bud head hair wig with a bundle, so that small face immediately rose 100%.


Sweet Bow Tie X Wave Wig

Korean style fresh wigs can make the sweet MM easily grasp the trend of summer hair. Of course, a good wig, in addition to its shape, it is also necessary to emphasize its realistic connection characteristics, in order to achieve the highest level of true and false unity! This bow tie is a fusion of the real The fake development shows a more refined side.


Retro Meatballs Hair é«» X Round Wig Bag

The three-dimensional head of the ball, the towering bun, is it that makes you return to the retro celebrity era? The simple circle wig bag is able to play the fashion sense that natural black hair can not reflect A three-dimensional disc hair can create a gorgeous and exquisite, especially suitable for important occasions such as dating, showing a different elegance.




1. Rebecca fashion brown wig

The wig is the key to creating a hair style. The brown wig has a natural color and is white and transparent. Rebecca fashion wigs for comfort and fidelity. Naturally no trace, it is difficult to distinguish from close-up viewing, you can put your hair up to your liking as you like.

2, Pantene CLINICARE rich and moisturizing hair condensate RMB 120/120ml

Whether it's a flower head or a bow tie, you want to create a fluffy and rich feeling. You can use Pantene Concentrate before going to bed at night. Each drop of essence contains rich and abundant nutrients (vitamin B5 and Niacinamide) and scalp massage. The core of the hair core makes each hair more full and looks more abundant.

3, Sassoon drape texture long-lasting lock water mask RMB 55/150ml

The retro-styled meatballs are all about the smooth and smooth effect, and the usual care is very important. Sassoon's professional drape texture series, rich in ultra-fine revitalizing essence, high-efficiency water lock, hair care performance up to four times, can maintain the all-weather elegant hair, especially in summer is a good choice.

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