QDA recommended Holiday Lady series style more girlfriends today with the "purchase"

This summer, QDA Lady Holiday Lady recommended for you! Pursuit of comfort and fashion design, enough fashion in bright colors, sexy pretty wear, let you become a full power girl! Today, go shopping with girlfriends QDA it!


Orange is the color of youth, young age, it should be lit with bright color passion. Intellectual Ruffler pencil skirt due to the orange blend, enhance the overall sense of fashion, with a stylish pearl false collar, add a playful feel. Different from the senior "bones fine" new career OL more vibrant!

QDA推荐Holiday Lady系列款式  今天就更闺蜜一起“购”

A simple hollow little white dress, with exquisite blue denim jacket and green scarves, elegant with a trace of playful ~ unique you QDA to create!

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