Shortsuit + maxi skirt with lighter, taller and more fashionable

This site July 21 hearing, the summer is the season to wear a skirt, especially half-length dress, simple and neat wear on the body, comfortable and seductive. But as long as the half-length dress is a bit longer, it will appear very short legs, which is also a lot of girls who love to wear a skirt. We all know that wearing hot pants will look long, in contrast, wearing a long skirt will suffer more. How can I wear both my favorite skirt and leg length? Try a matching method with a full-length dress and a half-length dress that not only allows us to expose the abdomen lines, but also visually lengthens the magical effects of the legs. , Speaking about the proportion of elongated legs, learning to use more practical than living in PS.

[With Tips]

Tips1 printing + solid color

The mix of half-length dress + short-sleeved jacket, whether it is a printed blouse or printed dress, as long as a print with a very eye-catching, with a solid color top or dress to balance the overall effect, does not flow in the complex exaggerated sense.

Tips2 solid color + solid color

Half-length dress + short-sleeved jacket with a solid color with solid color is the most natural, simple and elegant, yet elegant, ladies full range of children.

Tips3 Black + White

One of the best things to do is to always be white and black. Elegant and capable white plus black is the best choice for office workers.

Tips4: Exposed stomach + high waist skirt

Let the short jacket become shorter, more exposed abdominal part, choose high-waist skirt instead of low-waist skirt, lift the waist line to the stomach, of course, look legged! (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information Center. Brand Recommendation: Grace IGG)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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