"Silk Paintings" show the charm of the East, read "True and False" and taste life

Huayi News: At 19:30 on the evening of June 17, the Golden Top Award designer Chen Wen brought the brand CHENWEN studio, the second generation descendant of Jiangnan Silk Family Yu Jinjian and the brand SANGLUO to the 2020 Shengze Fashion Week. Integration of fabrics and creative design, further leading the trend, polished Shengze "is still all" new card.

CHENWEN studio· Chen Wen: Denim & Silk, Art & Fashion, East & West

CHENWEN studio•Chen Wen’s theme of this conference is “ Silk Paintings ”. With the support of Shengze's high-quality textile enterprises Omenia, Yidong Jacquard, and Deyi Textile, the designer showed originality throughout the design process. The charm of fabric design, breaking the conventional design techniques, mixing and stitching, makes the clothing more oriental, with the genetic elements of denim, and the charm of silk fabrics, tough and soft, unrestrained and delicate contrast, more revealing the design works Passion and vitality.

In fabric design , designer Chen Wen's unique original print design combines abstract composition and combination of his paintings and artist's works. The fabric with a modern painting color feel and the use of silk and artificial silk make the colors more colorful and dazzling.

From the perspective of craftsmanship , especially the brushstroke effect of painting, the technology of digital direct injection makes the pattern more vivid, reflecting the advantages of good fabric drape, comfortable hand feeling, and not easy to wrinkle. The surface is more lustrous, especially in the design of skirts, it is more loose and elegant. The process of jacquard and printing further reflects the texture of the fabric and adds a three-dimensional artistic effect.

Fusion of Eastern and Western cultures , through the combination of tough denim fabric and soft oriental silk fabric, collide with a unique artistic style. It has both the roughness of the west and the feminine charm of the east. It can be seen from the styles that Chinese and Western mix and match, such as the Chinese stand-up collar design, the models are loose and tight, with dense and dense, with a sense of rhythm.

The rich and colorful fabric texture , this time the designer uses the characteristic fabrics of Shengze excellent enterprise, and combines the original works of the artist, the imitation denim fabric printing and pleating, it also has a 3D abstract artistic effect, and cooperates with the denim washing Craftsmanship reflects a mix of more fashionable elements.

Golden top award designer Chen Wen interviewed

"From my experience of visiting Shengze several times, I feel that Shengze's companies attach great importance to product research and development, and have made a lot of efforts in the development of technology and functional fabrics. Among the three fabric companies this time, , Omonia, which has cooperation with Italy, provides a very international pleated fabric; Yidong jacquard is printed on decals with rich layers and also has a very good design rendering effect; and Deyi Textile is very Senior companies, the silk fabrics they make can reach the international level." In the interview after the show, Mr. Chen Wen gave a more detailed introduction to the uniqueness of Shengze fabric in his eyes. The future development direction of textile fabric enterprises gives valuable suggestions, "Textile fabric enterprises can not only be part of the industrial chain, but to build a full industrial chain, combine fabric and product terminals, and drive textile fabrics out of the original with fashion. Circle, go to fashion. The holding of Shengze Fashion Week is an excellent opportunity to lead Shengze enterprises to become fashionable."

SANGLUO · Yu Jinjian: Fading away fatigue, let "Silk" help you return to the true self

In 2012, Lesley Yu, the second-generation descendant of the Jiangnan silk family, returned after learning half the world. Out of love for the mother and family silk business, she founded a brand new underwear brand-SANGLUO (Sang Luo).

SANGLUO believes that the soul of every girl is as smart and charming as silk, but many times, in order to mix in the turbulent crowd, not to be regarded as aliens, everyone is living with a mask, pretending I am very good! Therefore, SANGLUO took this issue, with the theme of "True and False Life", sincerely issuing direct questions to the world: "Be careful to hide your inner self and pretend to be what others expect, are you tired?" to encourage People remove the burden of "let everyone like me" and release the imprisoned true self or laugh, or annoy, or anger, fearless eyes, fear the world, fear themselves, forever innocent, always naive.

From the colorful scenes of various roles in the first half to the simple and pure black and white in the second, as stated in an interview with Lesley Yu, founder of SANGLUO and chairman of Jiangsu Huajia Silk Co., Ltd.: "Straightforward The simple truth is the most beautiful state of life."

When the silkiness and elegance of silk are perfectly displayed on the T stage, the audience's heart also seems to be comforted and healed, freed from the shackles, and blooming sublimated flowers.

The exploration of this gorgeous show is inseparable from the solid backing of Jiangsu Huajia Silk Co., Ltd. Lesley Yu proudly introduced: "Whether it is the silk fabric we are familiar with, or the mesh, yarn-like fabric... The fabric we used throughout the show is the silk fabric developed by Huajia. These beautiful silk fabrics, It’s what distinguishes SANGLUO from other brands, and it’s the source that makes SANGLUO so exciting."

SANGLUO believes that all fashion concepts must be rooted in the soil of reality. Disrupted by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, 2020 has given designers and brands time to think, from clothing to content to concept to life itself, which has brought us more insights. What can designers do under the epidemic? Where is the fashion under the epidemic? It is gratifying that new forms such as cross-border cooperation, online celebrity live streaming, community marketing, online virtual exhibitions, and "cloud walk shows" have given the answer, giving Chinese fashion practitioners a "reassurance". SANGLUO also always believes that the crisis also turns, and innovation and change is the most powerful magic weapon to defeat the "black swan".

Lesley Yu, founder of SANGLUO and chairman of Jiangsu Huajia Silk Co., Ltd., was interviewed

"For every enterprise and enterprise person, in their own scope and in their own fields, doing a good job of themselves and doing specialization can create a world." Lesley Yu said, "Shengze is famous for its small fabrics. Shengze also has many high-quality fabric companies in towns, but everyone mentioned that Shengze still stays on the fabric, and can't see Shengze's brand. Innovation and change is the top priority for the entire Shengze. The epidemic environment Next, the holding of Shengze Fashion Week has hosted Shengze brand enterprises like us, helped us build a platform to show our own brand style, and also for Shengze brand, and even Shengze to move towards a more fashionable road and play a fashion capital Opened his business card."

SANGLUO in 2020, in the face of the impact of the epidemic, will never forget his original intention and move forward with weight! The 2020 Shengze Fashion Week and the 7th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo Cloud Exhibition will also bring together China's original design power, so that the original Shengze high-quality fabrics will truly move towards the terminal, the world, and truly create the trend of Shengze fashion!

"Sifang Dongfang, Fashion Shengze", 2020 Shengze Fashion Week and the 7th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo Cloud Exhibition continue to splendidly, we will wait and see!

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