Three tips for the development of local portal operators

[China Glass Network] When the segmentation of the Internet market began to slowly move toward the second-tier cities, more and more individual webmasters began to pay attention to local portals, but many novice webmasters have operations on local portals. Many questions, mainly the development problems in the user group, how to do the positioning of the portal site, user development is based on the front step, then today, according to his own experience of the local portal station, Yang Xiujiang said that the user developed three skill:

1. Do a good job of data analysis of old portal stations

An industry has a boss at any time, especially a local portal. Doing the data analysis of a local portal has the following advantages: deleting the unpopular local portal operation direction, collecting basic information of active user groups, and analyzing the flat merchants. Sponsorship amount.

If a new portal station wants to attract users at the old station, what must be done is to find a local hot spot, and do a good job in the direction of doing what you are good at.

2. Collect data traffic from the express delivery industry

Active users of e-commerce are the new force in the development of local portals. The good development of this group is the key to the positioning of the entire portal and a beginning of user marketing.

Through the analysis of the crowd traffic of the express delivery industry, the local Internet popularity can be found, and the calculation of a user affected by three express delivery will be calculated. For a city with 100,000 express traffic, the network active users should be at least 300,000 or more, so the traditional industry The good application of resources is a core skill developed for users of local portals.

3. Inspire effective team users

Birds of a feather flock together. Individual groups in any place have great value for mining, because local teams and groups act as platforms with a certain influence on the place. For website operators, not only in service but also in marketing.

Many people ask me again, the traditional team's use of the website is very low, how to improve the team's use of the network?

The author believes that when developing the team, it is important to pay attention to the team's awareness of the Internet. This is important, such as the local roller skating club, efficient student groups, IT clubs, and other fashionable, young and dynamic user groups and teams. Because only their stay, the stable activity of the ground activities and forums on the website is a big boost.

Of course, the above three optimization techniques are obtained by the author based on some of his own experience in the operation of the website. How to find out in his local portal website that his user development core skills require serious consideration by the webmasters.

The survival of a website requires a fixed user base, and the survival of a local portal requires a group of active, trend-oriented teams to attract.

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