Warm and fashionable winter jackets

On December 16th this week, winter is always flooded with people in various coats. If you want to be different, choose a jacket that is both warm and stylish. In addition to wearing a thick sweater or shirt, you can also wear a short jacket full of their own characteristics, winter fashion is you. Below to analyze how to choose the style of the short jacket, with an extraordinary winter range!

The leather jacket of lamb plush, a touch of khaki, brown leather edge treatment design, high collar to add warmth, denim shirt and casual pants with a look handsome.

The denim jacket in lamb plush, the lamb wool texture in the velvet, is very warm, and the pockets on both sides of the chest add a sense of relaxation. Bright knit shirts and casual trousers are used to create a super comfortable and casual style.

Camouflage jacket, wash colors, nostalgic charm, texture of lamb fur collar, warm and casual feeling. The mix and match of knit shirts and shirts and jeans underneath are not eye-catching, but they are definitely fashionable.

The short jacket designed between cotton, it is a warm style, the collar part is a corduroy color. Take a rough knit cardigan and T-shirt, take a pair of jeans, bring out a unique taste.

Fashionable and warm jacket, with cotton lining, rhombus crimp detailing, cuffs and camouflage trim on the inside of the collar, add subtle highlights. The mix of knit striped shirts and jeans creates a unique style of dress. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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