What kind of gift is good for marriage?

Marriage is the most important thing in a person's life. Friends get married, girlfriends get married, brothers get married, and nephews and nieces get married. . . Married, what gift should we send as so many identities?

Ordinary friends get married, symbolic to send a red envelope is, if the brothers get married, of course, red envelopes can not be less, but the light is to send a red envelope is not too inconspicuous, maybe he is not too concerned about your red envelope between brothers So you should send some commemorative gifts, you can send a set of sterling silver wine, silver wine glasses. It represents the days of drinking together. Of course, what is said here is not the friends and friends who drink alcohol, I believe you understand.

Did the girlfriend talk to you before the wedding, which jewelry is beautiful, she wants, but for some reason did not achieve what I want, such as S925 sterling silver diamond necklace, or earrings, I believe that you will give her a wedding day Touched by tears, because you still remember every word she said.

As a senior, what kind of wedding gift should you give to the junior? Elders usually want to have a happy marriage in their juniors and have children early. Then you can give the new people a pair of sterling silver bracelets, which represent "sacred love." Like they can always go hand in hand. You can also send a pair of silver chopsticks, "faster", and soon have children. "Chopsticks chopsticks red", fast red.

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