[Women] collocation with the length of the woolen cloth

Silk Buddha brand women regardless of the texture or style, always bring people the visual beauty of the enjoyment. The two long and short section of the clothes is a must-have girl single autumn and winter. How many people are tangled with a more elegant and feminine it. The following one long and one short section, to see how fashion people with it.

丝佛卡 - CIFUCA

This yellow woolen garment closest to us is very eye-catching and compatible with Akiba. Comfortable and soft fabrics, loose version of the design, Han Fan children. Inside with a long section package hip dress, there is a paradise for all ladylike. This lemon yellow feels dull winter no longer exists, leaving only the aesthetic feeling of romance, full of sunshine.

The clothing under the maples in the distance is also so popular. Simple coat version, elegant, floral skirt inside the trend-oriented. The following with a pair of black stockings, giving a calm woman's unique atmosphere.

Image Source: Silk Buddha Women

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