WONDERFUL beauty large-scale conference passionately lit Shenzhen Pavilion 5

On the afternoon of July 11th, Wanzefeng International Fashion Group held a large-scale 2013 autumn and winter new product launching conference under the theme of “secret garden” in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the attention of many guests and the media, this event created an exhibition. The historical peak of the number of visitors in the center hall, the scene appeared hard to find a ticket. Here, all members of Wanzefeng express heartfelt thanks to all fans who support WONDERFUL beauty.

The event was carefully planned and prepared, and it was opened with an exquisite micro-movie. The story of the brand was deeply touched by the audience. It made people realize that such a dream, life and taste are unique. The confident and sunny beautiful little girl, WONDERFUL beauty is everywhere to promote aesthetic and positive energy.

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