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It's better - "Yi Si Bei De" ecological children's wear is the Dongdu Textile Group in Jiangsu push children's clothing brand, has been named the national Mianjian products, brand-name products in Jiangsu Province, China's ecological fiber products. Yisibei De in the product development and design of "environmental protection, safety, health and comfort" as the theme, combined with the development of children's body structure, in a comfortable and healthy premise, the popular cutting-edge design concepts, with exquisite craftsmanship, heart Build the brand's excellent quality! In order to meet the needs of contemporary children's clothing, "Yi Si Bei De" innovation in the field of children's clothing and exploration, hope that through our efforts to promote green children's clothing industry continue to move forward. Brand Advantage 1, the risk minimization: Zero inventory companies to implement zero-risk policies, discount uniform. 2, professional management: design, development, production and sales integration, years of accumulated professional experience, let us know more about the needs of children's clothing. 3, business start-up: the headquarters from the shop site (area of ​​?? more than 50), product display, VIP customer management and store day-to-day operations and management guidance to provide comprehensive advice. 4, the company unified franchisee equipped with goods and guidance display; 5, free posters, X-frame, etc., to assist in the opening of the work. 6, price competitiveness: The company's own production and implementation of a one-stop non-intermediate aspects of supply, to ensure product quality. The consignment agent at the headquarters, greatly saving the franchise purchase journey fatigue and travel costs, forming a huge price advantage and profit margins. 7, a mature logistics management model, to ensure franchisee fast and efficient logistics support. 8, the company through the ERP terminal distribution management software to achieve unified management of all stores unified guidance. Join requirements 1, to accept the concept of brand marketing; 2, choose the local shopping malls or commercial streets; 3, 50 square meters above the store, shopping malls counter (store shop) more than 30 square meters; 4, Of the image of a unified decoration; 5, the use of "Yi Si Bei De" brand uniform logo and props; joining support 1, the company distribution mode of operation, the implementation of zero inventory zero risk policy, franchisees do not need to worry about inventory; New products, the implementation of 100% replacement; 3, franchisees, agents, to enjoy the contract exclusive sales rights; 4, according to the cost of providing models, containers, racks, pants racks, POP racks and other props; Customer requirements to provide efficient, fast, inexpensive logistics and distribution services; 6, regularly publish television, Internet, exhibitions, print magazines and other media ads. Tel: Address: No. 638 Golden Port Road, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Group Website: http:// Brand Website: http://

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