Yulin Xuan: Looking for more value from Jade and Tianyu

"The gentleman has no reason, and jade does not go away." In Chinese traditional culture, “Jade” is basically used to represent all the good things, and is also used as a daily decoration etiquette decoration in certain periods. Modern, after thousands of years of cultural origin, while jade enters a larger group, it still retains its mysterious and noble characteristics. This is also the expression of the charm of jade culture. In the forefront of Chinese jewellery, fashion jewellery is popular, while white jade and jade from the traditional way also show the charm of the charm, becoming another landscape of the jewelry market.

Recently, at the Shenzhen Shuibei International Jewelry Trading Center, the reporter saw that there were customers from time to time in front of the Yulinxuan showcase in the trading center to watch and purchase. Although the scene of the customer's door was different during the procurement meeting, the order was different. And spot trading is also endless.

According to the relevant person of Yulinxuan, Yulinxuan has been engaged in the processing and sales of jade jade for more than ten years. The products mainly include Hetian jade, jade, and crafts. Hetian jade products not only have common white jade pendants, handles, but also some large ornaments and bracelets, as well as jasper bracelets and pendants. The jadeite products are more abundant, and in addition to the ordinary pendants, there are more ingeniously introduced more jade string ornaments. A variety of small and cute jade beads, rings, melons and ropes are combined into a string of fashionable hangs, car hangs or bracelets. According to relevant sources, these products are very eye-catching, and the materials are rare and natural. They can be naturally matched with clothing and leather bags. They are both personalized and show their taste, so they are very popular among women.

Some consumers said that jadeite will be understood as a collection of preserved goods in more times. In fact, in modern society, as a kind of natural and advocating natural trend, some small emerald jade string ornaments have better returned to them. The decorative features return to the essence of nature, which is the deep use of raw materials, but also a fashionable decorative trend.

Description of Slub Denim

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Additional Information

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Suitable for men, women and children's wear
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Slub Denim

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