Zhejiang Honghe sweater industry where to go?

Editor's Note: After several decades of development, Zhejiang Honghe sweaters industry has formed a huge industry, with an output value of 7 billion yuan in 2011. However, the degree of industrial agglomeration is not high, and the low-end trend is obvious. Enterprises lack the capacity for independent innovation, and there are few brand enterprises, and there is no need for transformation and upgrading.

Recently, in the Xiuzhou District, the transformation and development of the Hong He sweater industry has become the focus of attention of the participants. Many delegates and members put forward constructive opinions on how to transform and upgrade the Honghe sweater industry.

It is understood that the Hong He sweater industry is one of the typical representatives of the block economy in Zhejiang. After decades of development, it has formed a huge industry. In 2011, the output value was as high as 7 billion yuan. However, the degree of industrial agglomeration is not high, and the low-end trend is obvious. Enterprises lack the capacity for independent innovation, and there are few brand enterprises, and there is no need for transformation and upgrading.

The branded sweaters can be counted in the Hong He sweaters industry. They started in the 70s of the last century. After more than 30 years of development, they have become a pillar industry in the country and the annual production value reaches 7 billion yuan. At present, there are more than 100 supporting enterprises such as knitted sweaters, printing and dyeing enterprises above the scale of the town, and 12,000 households with individual processing. The products are exported to all over the country and exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as South Korea, Europe and the Middle East. Up to 70%.

Although the Honghe sweater industry has formed a large-scale industrial group with many national-level honorary titles - "China's export sweater manufacturing base", "Chinese sweater town", etc., but the entire Honghe sweater industry brand There are only a handful of enterprises, just "great promise", "30 autumn", "Wei Si", "Izumi" and so on.

According to reports, the low-end trend of Hong He’s sweater industry is obvious, the company’s size is generally small, technology and equipment are backward, research and development capabilities are weak, and brand building lags behind. The vast majority of market prices are around 20 yuan, and the profit space is quite small. 200 Hong Hong sweaters are not as good as an iPhone, and there are few high-end products. The company still focuses on OEM production.

Corresponding to the low end of the industry, the number of companies is large, but the layout is decentralized, occupying many land resources and consuming large amounts of energy. According to statistics, the average output value of 40% of sweater companies is below 16 million yuan, while high-energy companies account for 15% of the town. It can be said that the entire sweater industry is mainly driven by investment, science and technology contribute to the output, product added value is low, the market is not competitive, without the need for transformation and upgrading.

The industrial development is in urgent need of transforming the sweater industry as a traditional industry. To transition to the two ends of the “smile curve”, we must work hard to improve the design, technical innovation and marketing system, and take the road of quality and branding. However, industrial transformation alone cannot be effectively promoted by the conscious behavior of enterprises. It must rely on government policy guidance and support.

Xiuzhou District People's Political Consultative Conference, Honghe Town, the relevant person in the contact room said that to guide the transformation of the sweater industry, land, talent, capital and other aspects of the introduction of policies to encourage business transformation and upgrading. For example, in terms of land, land supply policies can be adjusted to stop the supply of land to traditional industries; in terms of talents, talents can be recruited by solving problems such as the residence of high-skilled personnel, children's education, etc.; in terms of capital, it can be strengthened for small and micro enterprises. Credit support provides practical help for business transformation.

In addition to policy guidance and support, it is also necessary to strengthen the cultivation of enterprises and to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises by guiding enterprise technological innovation, brand building, marketing and management innovation. For example, in terms of brand building, companies can use their own brands as well as their own, and they can use the current debt crisis in Europe to acquire second and third tier corporate brands in Europe and America, or cooperate with other brands to enhance their market influence.

Of course, the government should also strengthen the construction of supporting industries, develop the production and sales industry, including technical, business, information, logistics and other services, especially the development of modern logistics industry, and build an industry that integrates the procurement, loading, unloading, warehousing and distribution of sweater raw materials. The base logistics base effectively improves the overall competitiveness of the company.

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