Zhuo Yier winter coat series to accompany you burning years

In December, the temperature suddenly became cold. Parents, remember to add clothes! Zhuo Yier's latest coat series. It is to prepare for the pros, let us enter the years of passion burning.

卓依尔秋冬大衣系列 陪你燃烧的岁月(图1)

The red flag has always been the main color of 14 autumn and winter. This fur collar red wool coat, irregular hem design, full of movement, the edge of the red and black trimming hit color effect is excellent, with long boots stockings.

卓依尔秋冬大衣系列 陪你燃烧的岁月(图2)

The big lapel's long-handedly-wrapped coat, 2 colors are the main colors of 14 autumn and winter, shoulder details have a handsome shoulder button embellishment, waist design, with casual.



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