What is the difference between underwear shoulder strap What kind of underwear shoulder strap is better

We usually choose when underwear, but look at the underwear but ignore the function of the shoulder strap, shoulder strap is to bear the weight of an underwear, so the choice of a good shoulder strap can help you shape the body, Latin American children underwear teach you how to choose underwear When the shoulder strap is also good or bad, this will make your chest perfect.

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We usually wear underwear shoulder strap are similar version, but the width of the points, but occasionally there will be alternative shoulder strap styles, such as hanging neck and ribbon design, so you can make the whole more sexy, not shoulder strap Choose the fine, to be wider this pressure will be larger.

内衣肩带有什么区别 什么样的内衣肩带比较好

The width of the shoulder strap allows the overall look particularly strong. The style of choice there will be some changes Professional underwear brand , noble and comfortable, for the 25-45-year-old woman to create the perfect figure.

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