Good Children's Quadruple Network Integration Strategy Makes Powerful Cooperation to Create a Maternal and Childish Industry Overlord

Recently, China's leading international children's products company, Goodbaby Group, has signed an e-commerce cooperation agreement with Nike in Shanghai and is solely responsible for the online sales of its Nike Young Athletes in China. This cooperation marks that Goodbaby has become an e-commerce partner of Nike Greater China, and the strategic cooperation between the two parties is further advanced. It is reported that good children have been Nike Young Athletes' biggest global agent.
Recently, China's leading international children's products company, Goodbaby Group, has signed an e-commerce cooperation agreement with Nike in Shanghai and is solely responsible for the online sales of its Nike Young Athletes in China. This cooperation marks that Goodbaby has become an e-commerce partner of Nike Greater China, and the strategic cooperation between the two parties is further advanced. It is reported that good children have been Nike Young Athletes' biggest global agent.

Song Cheng, chairman of Goodbaby Group, also said at the signing ceremony: "Good children and Nike have been working together for 10 years. Having such a stable and long-term cooperative relationship is based on the premise that both parties have the same strategic direction and mutual recognition of development ideas. Next, good kids can become Nike Greater China e-commerce partners, once again embodies the two brands in the future of China's market development strategy coincide. "It is understood that good children as Nike children's brand Nike Young Athletes (Nike children's clothing) The exclusive agent in China, helped Nike Young Athletes set up more than 900 stores in China in 10 years, including over 600 direct stores and more than 200 franchised stores. In-depth China 3rd and 4th-tier cities, the annual terminal turnover of about 800 million, far ahead of the other Chinese sports brand of children's sports.

E-Commerce Business Teams to Establish a Stereo Sales Network

The offline channel has always been a traditional enterprise's focus on opening up the sales market, but with the rapid development of e-commerce in China, online shopping and service experience have become the basic needs of consumers, seizing the opportunity of e-commerce development in China, for Nike. It is an important condition for continuing to consolidate the status of the Chinese market. Then, why not cooperate with the mature B2C website in China and choose a good boy group that also takes advantage of traditional channels? Nike Sports Vice President and General Manager of Nike Greater China Qi Kaige said at the meeting: "At Nike, we have been very careful to choose our partners. We usually conduct a lot of investigation and assessment to ensure that our partners and We are equally passionate and have the same commitment to consumers, and Goodbaby Group is our ideal choice.The Goodbaby Group has been involved in the Nike Young Athletes business for more than 10 years and owns and operates nearly 900 Nike brands. The stores have created impressive performances, and they have helped Nike become a leader in the Chinese children's wear market with their own experience and strengths.The Nike and Goodbaby Group will integrate their network resources, enabling both parties to further establish a comprehensive online and Offline marketing platform."

The development of online channels will inevitably lead to the sales of traditional enterprise terminals, but Goodbaby will ingeniously convert the offline terminals into the advantages of e-commerce development and establish the online and offline integrated marketing model. Good boy chairman Song Zheng also revealed the key work of the future good boy in the terminal market. "Good children insist on market-oriented development of e-commerce, and at the same time integrate the terminal network and open up a different B2C network. Differentiating the way “At present, good kids are infiltrating self-owned and self-operated products into tens of thousands of private maternal and child care stores in seven national cities. These private 'baby shops' are almost everywhere in the country. If you establish contact with these stores and incorporate good boy's channel management experience into a large and intensive terminal network, this will be an advantageous resource that good children can't afford.

At the same time, the development of the Goodbaby e-commerce platform is becoming more and more mature. “” already has well-known baby and Nike Young Athletes brands. The category covers baby strollers and car seats. There are 16 categories, such as dining chairs, baby carriages, clothing, and maternal and child care products, which almost meet the needs of all mothers from preparing their baby to their preschool age.

If the terminal and the e-commerce form a large sales network, users can experience the convenience of online shopping on the one hand, and on the other hand enjoy the terminal sales of good children, such as on-site installation, exchange of goods, maintenance and other issues can be solved. If this well-integrated channel network is successfully constructed, it will open up a brand-new marketing model for traditional enterprises, build a three-dimensional sales network, and let shopping and service experience break geographic limits and meet diverse needs.

Four-Network Integration Realizes Five-Year "10 Billion Strategy"

Whether the effective integration of terminals and e-commerce can successfully test the overall strength of a company, for this reason, Goodbaby put forward the development strategy of “four-network convergence”, not only to build a rich network of sales channels and in-depth distribution of terminals, but also Build a large logistics system, and on this basis, coordinate the management of users and partners, and establish a seamless, private, interactive CRM customer information management system. "In the future, users can search directly through the Internet and find out about good children's outlets in the area. Addresses, telephones and even product categories can be seen at a glance. He can choose online shopping or go directly to in-store shopping, and it won't be too long. Because we will build Two logistics networks, the first relies on establishing stable cooperation with large-scale third-party logistics, and the second one is the terminal channel of our good children. These good children in the 7-tier cities can help those who cannot Areas reached to achieve the 'last mile' delivery." Song Zheng also said.

The creation of four-network integration will not only be the success of a brand, but it will be an important means for good children to form an international brand alliance and realize the grand strategy of globalization, world-class, integration, and leadership. In the 20th anniversary of the establishment of good children in 2010, Song Zheng also put forward the slogan of "the second venture", and established that by December 31, 2015, Goodbaby (China) must achieve 100 billion yuan in annual revenue of 10 billion yuan. "Strategy", two years apart, this goal is gradually approaching through a series of global strategic visions such as four-network integration, international brand strategic alliances, and the creation of an international authoritative R&D team.

Song Zheng also said, "Goodbaby currently has 35 branches in four major regions in China. Each branch is equipped with a brand management department, a marketing center, and a sales department. The total number of people reached 10,077 people last year. The number of people is almost equal to that of the Goodbaby Factory, and such a huge talent system can guarantee a stable and effective implementation of the Four-Network Convergence Strategy, and it is also an indestructible channel strength for international brands to show good children in China. One of the reasons why Goodbaby is a strategic partner and is willing to cooperate more deeply.”

In addition to the advantages of channels, Goodbaby also leads the world in research and development. It is understood that 80% of China's maternal and infant industry standards are drafted by good children and participate in the formulation of industry standards in countries such as the European Union, the United States, and Japan. The children have set up four major R&D centers in the world, and have maintained close cooperation with international authoritative industry certification organizations to help mother and child companies in China and other Asian countries to conduct qualification certification. At the same time, the R&D center also vigorously develops leading-edge products with globalization, applies the latest international technologies to the maternal and child industries, and improves the quality of life and environment of children around the world according to the highest standards of ergonomics and environmental protection.

Build an integrated service platform and take the road of brand integration

Under the grand background of the international brand alliance strategy and the integration of four networks, the construction of a good boy's network platform will serve more brands with greater tolerance. The development of Song Zhengyi’s thinking is very clear. “The development of good children's network platform has The two principles are inseparable from each other. The first is that e-commerce and brand are inseparable. We must adhere to the route of alliance with high-quality brands. Only e-commerce can be standardized and standardized only if we have brands that are worthy of consumers' trust and confidence. The two are not separated from each other online and offline, and maintain and exert the core advantages of traditional enterprises. Only in this way can we find a differentiated road of development and make a unique e-commerce platform.

Although the e-commerce development of a good boy only lasted for one and a half years, but only from the sales data of the Internet last year, the sales volume of 300 million yuan is particularly optimistic for the e-commerce of good children who have just begun to take off. At the same time, Goodbaby's official website also provides back-end protection for the brand. "Goodbaby's official website is a public service platform. It is named after Goodbaby's Scientific Parenting Network. It invites 1,500 child-raising experts nationwide to take turns online and accept the mother's Various childcare consultations, at the same time, the latest parenting information is updated every day.Online for 12 years, we have accumulated a large number of loyal members, and the daily visits have exceeded 280,000 person-times, and the maximum number of days even exceeded 1.08 million, in order to meet With the diversified needs of users, Goodbaby has also developed Goodbaby Mobile Parenting Web and Goodbaby App to provide mothers with personal services anytime anywhere.” Song Zheng also believes that goodbaby is not just a single brand in the maternal and child industry. It is a link for Chinese companies to enter the world and world brands to enter China.

"This world is a united world. It is an industry chain that competes with another industry chain, not a company and a company. A good boy is like a pen. The chassis is small but it is in the world mother and baby industry. At a high level, a good boy now needs to bundle a branch pen with a four-network integration strategy and an international brand strategy alliance, so that both the height and the chassis are large, and the maternal and infant industry sees China within China. It is not necessarily a dream to be optimistic about children.” Song Zheng also firmly believes that in-depth cooperation with Nike and other international brands will inevitably enable good children to become leaders in the world's maternal and child industries.

[About good boy]

Established in 1989, Goodbaby Group is one of the outstanding members and leaders of the world children's products industry, and is also the largest enterprise group in China that specializes in children's products. "Good boy" is "China Famous Brand" and "Chinese Famous Brand". Goodbaby Group adheres to the concept of "caring for children, serving families, and returning to society" and is committed to "improving children's living environment and improving children's quality of life". We are specialized in the research and development, manufacturing, distribution, and retail of mother and baby products. Provide a complete range of childcare products that are safe, easy to use and stylish.

As an industry leader, Goodbaby Group actively advocates and undertakes corporate social responsibility. In the past 20 years, we have fulfilled our basic social responsibilities to ensure product quality and safety, actively participated in the research, drafting and revision of national standards for related products including developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, and established world-class laboratories to lead the industry. In July 2000, he established the "Children's Science Parenting Network" and contacted more than 1,000 Chinese parenting science experts to provide a comprehensive range of scientific childcare information services for the general parenting families. In 2010, Goodbaby took the lead in the global children's products industry to introduce the green development concept of "Cradle to Cradle" without carbon emission into the R&D and operation links. It is committed to creating a better living environment for children, a clean and pollution-free earth. .

[About Nike]

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, Nike is dedicated to the design, sale, and operation of sports footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for all types of sports and fitness. It is a leader in the industry. Nike’s wholly owned subsidiaries include Converse, which designs, sells and manages sports footwear, apparel and accessories; Cole Haan Holdings, which designs, sells and operates high-end footwear, handbags, accessories and outerwear; Umbro Co., Ltd., the UK's leading global football brand, and Hurley International, design, sell and operate extreme sports footwear and footwear, apparel and accessories for young people.

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