How to choose jewelry according to face type?


Face is to choose earrings and headdress basis, earrings on the face can play a balancing role, wearing inappropriately tend to backfire.

Oval face fit any style of earrings, but the other face is different. The elongated square jaws for earrings or squid shape; rounded triangular face can select multiple earrings; earrings round face should be close to the ears, and avoid wearing round earrings, and the size of the face should be proportional to the size of the earring appropriate. Face wide face fat women should not bring pendant earrings, but the lady of the long face more appropriate.


Necklace women extremely popular decorations, but because of the length of the face and neck, and wear it are not the same effect.

The round-faced person should not wear a neck-shaped one, and should wear a long shape. The wide face selection is small, long, and has a prolonged drop. Short necks should choose a slightly slim necklace or beads that are gradually increasing from the big to the small, so that the length of the neck can be increased visually, and the thicker necklace should not be worn. The neck is slender and can be worn with a short neck necklace, especially with a large bead chain.

The short necklace makes people look youthful and energetic, and the long necklace makes people look mature.


Slim fingers are suitable for a wide variety of rings, especially diamond rings, jade rings or other larger jewelry rings that will make your fingers look even more beautiful.

Short, flat fingers, wearing an egg-shaped, diamond-shaped, long ring face will increase the slenderness of their fingers.

You can choose the narrow side with a short finger.


In the trend of individuality, the bracelet is worn by the left or right hand.

Generally rich and full arm, suitable for wide and loose bracelets, thin and tight bracelets will make the wrists look bigger. If the arm is thinner, choose a narrower bracelet. An oversized bracelet will make the spar more "poor".

Chest and pendant

Ornaments such as chest ornaments and pendants can increase the length of the body as long as they are properly placed.

Those who are small and thin can't wear those big and dazzling chest ornaments and pendants. For tall people, it is better to use a more complex and larger brooch, such as the enamel empty flower series, with a larger bag.

Putting the chest ornament in the middle of the collar can make the face longer, and it is lively on the slanting sash; in winter, wear a heavy winter coat, if you put a quality chest on the collar, then It can cut through the dense clouds of winter and bring a ray of sunshine around.

Although zircon has similarities with diamonds, it still makes a big difference.

(1) Zircon is a heterogeneous body. When viewed from the top surface of the honed zircon faceted stone, it can be seen that the bottom facet has a clear double shadow, while the diamond does not have this double shadow.

(2) The hardness of the diamond is 10, and the hardness of the zircon is 8. Zircon is used to score a standard hardness of 9 and can be distinguished from diamonds.

(3) The proportion of diamonds is 3.52, while the proportion of zircons is more than 4.2.

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