Amber variety value

According to the different colors and characteristics of amber, China's varieties are Jinpo, Xuebo, Insect, Champer, Shiper, Huapo, Sipper, Mingpo, Wapo, Miwa, Red Pine, etc. Definition. For example, insects and lingbo should be considered as one type, all referring to amber containing animal remains. Flower peper refers to amber that has been artificially detonated. It should be noted that the scented flowers of amber are particularly finely divided, disordered, and the background is cloudy. Honey wax refers to opaque amber, and the saying "millennium amber, million years of beeswax" is a fallacy. Champagne is a beeswax with a pronounced aroma after rubbing, because usually the beeswax is treated to a small extent, so the aroma is rich. Water pipe refers to amber containing water droplets, also called water amber.

The higher value of amber is antiques, superb art or biological remains. Amber determines its economic value based on the clarity, shape and color of the insect. The color is strong, and the impurities are not good. The colors are blue, green and blood red, but green amber is found in Dominica, Mexico, and Fushun, China. The Baltic Green is mostly placed in chemicals at high temperatures. Transparent blood cells are mostly caused by high temperature baking, and natural blood cells have visible inclusions. Usually, the color concentration is usually accompanied by a small amount of visible impurities. It is said that the tiny inclusions are the coloring factors of amber and are also derived from this. The most valuable variety is wrapped in insect-containing amber, commonly known as "amber Tibetan bee", with insects clear, morphologically lifelike, superior in texture, large in size, and large in number.


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